Ice Cream
Luxury Dairy Yorvale Ice Cream – waffle cones or tubs available.
Choose one or more flavours of ice-cream: Vanilla Pod, Double Chocolate Chip, Strawberry or Mint Chocolate Chip

1 Scoop £2.50
2 Scoops £4
Add a flake 50p


Sausage Roll £2.00
Cornish Pasty £2.20
(Both served hot or cold)

Pringles £1.00
Chocolate Bar £1.00
(Flake, Mint Aero, KitKat, Crunchie, Yorkie, Mars Bar, Smarties or Snicker)

Homemade Cakes and Sweet Treats (Subject to Availability)

Bakewell Tart £2.80
Rockyroad/Millionaire Shortbread £2.50
Cupcake £1.80
Toasted Teacake £1.80
Scone £1.80 – add jam for 60p
Cream Tea with Tea or Coffee £4.80
Various Other large Slices of Cake £2.80 (see chiller)